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Tortilla Trike :

Single Flight PL1 With MZ-34 or Cors Air My 25 Engine

Tandem Flight PL2 With MZ-34 Engine

The Tortilla trike is intended for powered flight with a paraglider. The trike exists in single and two-places versions. A serial Vityaz, Mirage or Pegasus paramotor can be quickly mounted onto Tortilla. The trike ensures an easy takeoff, comfort in flight and safe landing.

As some of our paramotors the Tortilla is made of titanium which makes it extremely solid and lightweight. The sofisticated construction of Tortilla allows to fold it into a small volume, i.e. to transport it in a typical city car. The unfolding and preparation to launch takes over 10 minutes or less.

Due to its small weight Tortilla has the approach and landing compared to the usual foot-launched paramotor. The landing remains safe with the engine turned off.

Technical data
Maximal G-load 2
folded, m 1,0 - 0,54-0,50
unfolded, with paramotor, m 1,7-1,58-1,62
Landing gear
base, m 1,38
rut, m 1,55
weight (without paramotor), kg 21
Maximal flight weight
single place, kg 170
Biplace, kg 220


تراك تورتيلا در مسابقات جهاني                                                                      

1-كسب مقام اول تيمي ومدال طلاي انفرادي در مسابقات جهاني 2003 انگلستان در رشتهPL2 از تيم پاراويس

  (تراك دونفره : پاراموتور  Vityaz-Mz 34 .30 Hp و تراك Tortilla ساخت كمپاني پاراويس  

 2003 World Championships 23 - 31 Aug, Long Marston,

United Kingdom


2- كسب مقام اول تيمي ومدال طلا درمسابقات جهاني 2005  فرانسه در رشته PL2

  (تراك دونفره : پاراموتور  Vityaz-Mz 34 .30 Hp و تراك Tortilla ساخت كمپاني پاراويس ) از تيم پاراويس

2005 World Microlight Championships (21 - 27 Aug  Levroux, France)



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